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Immediate Attention of Dist. Secys... As it is proposed to conduct our CEC on 31-05-15 at MADURAI.,& 6th Circle Conference in JULY / AUGUST 15., All are requested to remit the ... 1.Quota up to Date. 2.Building & Legal Fund. 3.Donations. 4.Diary Bill Payments.All the pending Dues should be remitted before 30th April 15...- CS/TN.
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28-04-2015 LDCE promotion to SDE Telecom. - List of eligible candidates.

 Meeting with GM(HQ) / STR...
 CS/TN., Com.Lakshimipathy.,ACS., Com.Sudalaiyandi.,DS.,
 Com.Ramesh.,DFS., met GM(Hq) / STR and discussed about
 the Request Transfer cases in the cadre of JTO/SDE/DEs.
 GM(HQ) assured that necessary action 
 after consulting with CGM / STR...

 - CS/TN.



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 All are requested to pay their 100 % Attention and
 remit the same immediately... For any Discrepancies

 pl.Contact 9486101666 / 9442844888 - CS/TN.

Annual general body meeting of SNEA(I) / Nagercoil SSA

The Annual general body meeting of SNEA(I) / Nagercoil SSA was convened on 18-04-2015 at APN Plaza, Chettikulam Junction, Nagercoil. Com.M.Rose Cyril Xavier, District President hoisted the SNEA(I) flag in front of GMT office. The Eleventh AGB of SNEA(I), Nagercoil SSA was presided over by Com.M.Rose Cyril Xavier, District President. Com.A.Alexander Jason, District Secretary welcomed the august gathering. Com.A.Alexander Jason,District Secretary also presented the Annual report and Com.M.Kolappan, District Treasurer presented the financial report. Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, our veteran leader and mentor of executives’ fraternity in Telecom, participated and graced the occasion. Com.R.Rajan, CHQ Treasurer,  Com.Sundarakrishnan, Circle President, Com.M.Gopinathan, Circle secretary, Com.Rajasekar, ACS, Com.Govindarajan, COS, CWC Members Com.Dr.N.Albertsingh & Com.K.J. Kishorekumar  participated and addressed the mass gathering. District Secretaries of Tuticorin SSA , Madurai SSA, office bearers comrades from neighboring SSAs, participated and felicitated.  

Com.W.Seshagiri rao, our Veteran leader specially addressed the gathering and reminded the role of executives and our members in the growth of the company BSNL. District secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE & FNTO, District secretary and also CHQ Treasurer of SEWA BSNL participated  along with office bearers  of respective trade unions and  felicitated. 
From the administration side our Comrades Smt..K.C.Kusalakumari, DGM / CFA and Sri.S.Gopalan, DGM / CM participated and addressed the gathering. 

The following were unanimously elected as new office bearers. 
President : Com M.Rose Cyril Xavier, SDE 
Secretary : Com N.Albert Singh, SDE 
Treasurer : Com A.Sharon Dhoni, SDE 
CEC Member : Com.C.Gopalakrishnan, SDE ,
District Treasurer rendered vote of thanks.


2nd CEC of SNEA(I),TN Circle will be held at MADURAI on 31-05-15.

Detailed Agenda & Notice will be issued soon - CS/TN.
DGM (LA) for 179 Days:
As per our Request,
 DGM(LA)...Orders will be issued
 for 179 Days here after.
 Meeting with SECRETARY / DOT...
To discuss the STRIKE ISSUES, It is understood that,Meeting with Secretary / DOT with Forum Leaders is again rescheduled on 01-05-15.
- CS/TN. 
24-04-2015 As stated by SNEA(I) in our website on 10-04-2015, Due to our sincere efforts, Regular Promotion orders issued for JTO(Civil) to SDE(Civil) under 67% seniority cum fitness quota.
To the extent  available vacancies, all are posted in their parent circle .
Request transfers are also considered in the postings.
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Our Sincere thanks to CHQ for getting extension in Tamilnadu Circle to  Com.E.Rajasekar, DE / Kumbakonam SSA up to 30-09-15  &  there after Re-allotment to KERALA Circle.  View Order copy.
 - CS / TN.
 Meeting with SECRETARY / DOT...
To discuss the STRIKE ISSUES, Meeting with Secretary / DOT with Forum Leaders is rescheduled on 27-04-15at 1700 Hrs.
- CS/TN.  
 The Two Days Strike made a Very Serious Remark 
in the History of BSNL...This is the First Time,
 the STRIKE was 100% Successful and all the 
Members understood the Ground Reality.
 Our CHQ says that the STRIKE is a Total success and
 the increase in the figure shows that the awareness
 reached at grass root level.

 Forum is waiting for the outcome of the discussion
 scheduled for 25th to decide the future course of actions...
Once again We,on behalf of SNEA(I),TN Circle congratulate
 one and all who stood like a Rock to achive this goal...

 - CS/TN.
BSNL employees on strike.
The two days strike started at 00 Hrs throughout BSNL. All Union /Assn participating in the strike to save BSNL.
Comrades, it is a Do or Die battle for the employees. So participate enmasse, make it a grand success by 100% participation. Close down BSNL for 2 days. Stage demonstration outside all offices.
Strike reports from all units to be reached CO with 100% participation.
Main demands are
a. Refund Rs 9000 Crores to BSNL on account of BWA spectrum, excess pension contribution, USO Subsidy, salary of employees deputed to TERM Cell etc.
b. Transfer of land and asset from DoT to BSNL.
c. Compensate loss making Rural services.
d. No subsidiary formation.
e. No merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing contentious issues.
f. Allow BSNL spectrum trading.
g. Expand BSNL network.
h. Extend financial assistance to BSNL for expansion.
i. Pension revision for BSNL pensioners.
j. Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.
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