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Dear Comrades.,So far,We have received the particulars of Participants to JAIPUR AIC from TT.,STP.,CIVIL SSAs only.Other Dist.Secys are requested to send the same immediately so as to make the STAY Comfortable at JAIPUR... - CS/TN.
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Last Updated on 30/06/2015 - 08:26 PM
SNEA(I), TN Circle extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life.
Sri.R.N.Sudhakar, CGMT / J & K Circle has joined as PGM / TN Circle office. We wholeheartedly welcome him and also wish him all success in the new assignment - CS / TN.
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Night Free call facility and Free roaming facility: Campaign extended for one more month.
The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting on 26.06.2015, reviewed the implementation of the Forum call to conduct a month long campaign from 8th June to 7th July to popularise the “Night Free call” facility and also to increase the number of landline and broadband connections. The Forum meeting expressed its dissatisfaction over the slackness on the part of the circle and district level Forums in implementing the month long campaign. So far the CHQ of all Unions/Associations have not received information from any circle except Chennai TD regarding the implementation of the campaign. Subsequently "Free roaming" facility also announced by the Management from 15th June. After detailed discussion, the meeting decided that the campaign should be extended for one more month.  Forum took the decision that all circle level Forums should compulsorily meet by 03.07.2015 and finalise the strategies for the successful implementation of the campaign. Similarly, all the district level Forums should meet by 06.07.2015 and finalise the strategies to be taken at the district level for the successful implementation of the campaign
.  Forum also took the decision to write to the CMD BSNL about the inaction of the circle and SSA level administrations in taking steps to increase our customer base, utilising the offers. Hence, all circle and district secretaries are requested to take every possible step to effectively conduct the campaign. 

The BSNL Management has taken two bold marketing initiatives recently.  They are the "9 pm to 7 am" free call facility from landline and the "free roaming" facility in mobile connectionss. Both these steps have been largely welcomed by the public as a result of which the BSNL image has also greatly improved. At the same time, we should not forget that, the Company is going to lose its revenue to the extent of hundreds of crores of rupees as a result of the implementation of both these concessions. Increasing our customer base substantially, is the only way to save the Company from this loss of revenue. Hence, we the employees, have to take every possible step, to increase our customer base in a big way, both in the landline, broadband and mobile segments. The next one month period should be entirely and effectively utilised to boost our customer base.
Transfer and posting in the grade of CAO.


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 Rule 8 Transfer cases of JTOs...

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 JTO to SDE PROMOTION...(Sen. cum Fit.Quota)
GS informed GS and AGS of AIBSNLEA about the unfortunate development at Hon.Ernakulam High Court where the urgent application for early hearing of the JTO to SDE promotion case is not heard as AIBSNLEA, one of the respondent in the case not accepted the notice and filed vakalathnama which resulted in “service not complete”. The appeal was filed in the Hon HC in the first week of Feb, 2015 but even after 5 months, they could not accept the notice and file vakalathnama. The handling of such cases which affects the career growth of thousands of JTOs by the Associations so casually is unimaginable. However they promised early action.

26-06-2015 Provisional Answer Keys of LDCE for the promotion to the grade of SDE(T) held on 21.06.2015 is released by Corporate office.

Paper I - Set - A  , Set - BSet - CSet - D

Paper II - CFA   , CM  EB

JTO to SDE case at Hon HC, Ernakulam:
As per the MA filed by SNEA(I) and BSNL for urgent hearing, the case come up for hearing today. The respondent no.16,AIBSNLEA has not filed even Vakalathnama., accepting the notice and their lawyer was also not present in the court.Because of this, Unfortunately the case could not be heard today. Hon High.court Ernakulam directed to complete the service to AIBSNLEA and then list the case.
- CS/TN.

Everybody knows that,our CHQ is giving Rs.ONE Lakh  to the family of the Deceased member of our SNEA(I). It is noticed that,for the Past TWO Years,We have not received a single claim from our Dist.Secys.of SNEA(I),  
TN Circle.We know more than 10 cases are pending in 
 our TN Circle. It is our bounden duty to settle the pending
 cases of our members before our AIC and our DSs are 
 requested to send the same claims for early settlement.

Also, it is requested to clear the pending QUOTA & Other payments immediately.

- CS/TN.

Today CS / TN Contacted GM (HQrs) / STR and requested to issue Minutes of the meeting with  Executive Associations regarding the Request Transfers of Executives in GMM / STR / TN Circle.
 GM(HQrs) replied that the on the job and
  it will be cleared within two,three Days.  

 - CS/TN. 

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